The elementary subject of my artistic work is “Love” in its various ways of expression in philosophy and ways of life.

It is the so often praised, described and decicted sentiment found throughout the history of man, in religion and mythology up to our present time.

Love is reflected in people’s mutual understanding.Its existence always needs to be evaluted in our individualized social development.

To me the female body is a symbol of sentiment and change, sensuality and eroticism express the human search for merging the female and male components in us.

The metaphorical expression of eroticsm embodies the mental and intellectual disposition and conveys to the viewer access to his consciousness and subconsciousness. Thereby we become aware of our inner thruth and articulate it.

The artistic challenge for me is to decipt the balance of individual perception and possible solutions in form and expression in my paintings.

To me the body is carrier of sense and expression of our fulfilled and unfulfilled desires and the longing for fulfilment.

Since 2006 I am presenting my  paintings under the pseudonym                 ZOE  

In my opinion art could never be completely explained by words.